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Born To Order is now on sale at Amazon - Paperback, Hardback and Kindle...

When the emergence of a clerical error brings her family’s new life in Australia to an end, Kim Walmsley returns home and begins the struggle to amend the erroneous entry into the register of Births, Deaths and Marriages. An error that in the eyes of the law define her as a man.

It is only when the government agencies she believed existed to offer help and support, obstruct her every effort to revise the register, does she begin to research the circumstances of her birth and registration and uncover the insidious truth behind what she initially considered to be an innocent mistake.

Now, following years of extensive investigation, Kim has decided to speak out and expose the awful truth. A web of deceit stretching back to the end of the second world war and involving one of the C.I.A.s most clandestine and secretive operations, MKUltra, resulting in Kim being stripped of her identity and legal status as a woman, and, but for the quick thinking of a heroic midwife, would have seen her robbed of the life she has lived among her loving parents, husband and children.

An earth shattering record of conspiracy and atrocity, Born to Order is the unique story of one woman’s crusade against the establishment to uncover the truth. Told by Kim herself, each page is full of the integrity, humility and humanity that makes her who she is today.



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